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On the occasion of 5th anniversary of Solis in Tunisia, our team got a chance to interview, Mr. Ismail Regaya, our first client Solis in Tunisia. Mr. Ismail is a happy customer of Solis, and gives praise to Solis and his Solis 60 tractor. Catch the full interview in the following section.

This video was made on the occasion of 5th anniversary of Solis in Tunisia. We had the chance to interview Mr. Ismail Regaya, our first client Solis in Tunisia.

Below are the translations of the interview:

MR Ismail: « Ismail Ben Regaya, the farmer from Haouria and first client Solis in Tunisia »

The interviewer: « Since when did you become a farmer? »
MR Ismail: « Farming was passed on to me from my father. I’m 69 years old and I’ve always been a farmer. »

The interviewer: « What is your specialty and specialty of the region? »
MR Ismail: « Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, garlic, onion, all vegetables. »

The interviewer: « What’s your story with Solis? »
MR Ismail: « I was at Haouaria when a friend called me and told me that there was a tractor brand that organized a demonstration day in Beja. I went with my technician and a mechanic and we watched the demo with this same tractor. They had hung a plough on the tractor, after which they began to plough the land. I liked the tractor and gave a deposit on the same day. »

The interviewer: « What do you like the most about your tractor? »
MR Ismail: « The mechanics are simple and not complicated, easy to use and is within the reach of all farmers. »

The interviewer: « How did it make the job easy for you?»
MR Ismail: « All instruments used, large or small, are compatible with this tractor. It perfectly matches our expectations at work. »

The interviewer: « After 5 years of experience, what do you think of the brand? »
MR Ismail: « This is the 5th year that we are using the tractor and we had no problems. The proof is that I bought a second tractor from the same brand, Solis 60. The head office services are fine; they are organized and punctual. After-sales service is very good too. I advise my children, my neighbors and my friends to buy from this brand. »

The interviewer: « What are your wishes for Solis while it celebrates its 5th anniversary? »
MR Ismail: « I hope Solis will get better and better. And when we succeed, the brand succeeds too. I hope they get closer to our region with a new agency so that the benefits increase. »

MR Ismail: « A very Happy Birthday to Solis and good luck to Tunisian agriculture. »

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